Jon Lipsky Award for Excellence in Playwriting


Addae Moon 

Four Days of Fury

Atlanta History Center

Atlanta, GA


Alexandra Miller

Living Beyond Bollywood

National Museum of Natural History

Washington, D.C.


Chris Bresky

About a Door

Adler Planetarium

Chicago, IL


Lindsay Genshaft, Jess Robblee, Mitch Slevc, Mike Kasper

Art Emergency: Code Red

Denver Art Museum

Denver, CO


P.J. Griffith

Midwinter Mischief

Old Sturbridge Village

Sturbridge, MA


Betsy Maguire

Tales From the Dungeon: Life at Old Newgate

Old New Gate Prison & Copper Mine

East Granby, CT

IMTAL awards the Lipsky Award to the play that best exemplifies standards of excellence and best practices in Museum Theatre.

  • The resulting production is engaging and “not boring.”
  • Factual content is embedded within the play so it is “shown” and not “told.”
  • Plot contains conflict and/or story arc.
  • The characters are well developed (unless the theatrical style requires otherwise.)
  • Dialogue achieves goals of production and is consistent with style of play. 
  • Script and presentations evoke emotion and encourage audiences to make personal connections with the content and/or characters.  
  • Script aligns with an institution’s exhibitions and/or programmatic priorities, and augments, expands, or fulfills a need that is not being addressed elsewhere in the institution

Submission process: 
  • Applicants must be members of IMTAL and must include a member number with their submission. Non-members may join IMTAL at (choose Americas) and join at the individual rate for $55. 
  • Submissions must include a copy of the script as performed. Collaborative works will be accepted. 
  • Plays must be new work produced within the last two calendar years prior to the annual AAM meeting.  (For example, plays eligible for the award given in 2023 must have been produced in 2021 or 2022.)
  • In addition to the play script, submissions will include a 1-2 page document detailing:
    • How the play aligns with the institution’s overall mission, philosophy, messages and educational strategy
    • How the play’s subject matter, presentation style, and length of program reflect the educational and cultural needs of the intended audience.
    • How the play complements and contributes to the diversity of perspectives represented in a museum’s overall program roster.
    • How the institution offers a means for answering questions and/or emotional processing after performances.
    • How the play support the goals of other departments in the institution if applicable.
    • Submissions may also include an additional one page summary of evaluations from the plays performance or select comments from audience evaluations of the performance.

The deadline for 2023 is TBD. Stay tuned!
Please direct all submissions and inquiries to

About Jon Lipsky
Jon Lipsky was Professor of Acting and Playwriting at Boston University’s School of Theater, and he created many wonderful short plays on science themes for Boston's Museum of Science.

Please visit this 
web site to learn more about Jon and his works.
“Jon Lipsky was an extraordinary artist and teacher, but I will remember him most for his gentleness, generosity of spirit, and powerful friendship.”
— Jim Petosa, director of the School of Theatre
at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts

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