In Anticipation

10 Sep 2015 10:32 AM | Douglas Coler (Administrator)

Once More, With Feeling, the theme of this year’s regional conference, does not, I hope, imply that the last conference was *without* feeling. (In fact, I’d rank the 2014 IMTAL Regional conference as one of the best industry conferences I’ve ever attended….and I’ve been to many.) Rather, Once More, With Feeling speaks to the rush of excitement, the sense of purpose, and the warm familial glow we all had at the conclusion of last years conference, and our deep desire to capture that combination again.

And I am so looking forward to spending a few days with people I’ve met many times, those I’ve met only once, and those that I’ll be meeting for the first (but surely not last ) time. 

Our attendees are representatives from institutions I’ve visited, and from institutions I’ve not yet had the pleasure of visiting. They’re writers, actors, musicians, academics, scientists. They - we - are communicators. What’s fascinating to me is that, through these people, I’ve met more people who are in some ways touched by  the IMTAL mission, individuals who support the work we do and the passion behind that work. 

It is up to us to press forward with our mission.  To those who may have had some exposure to our myriad methods of engagement and still have been unmoved, I say give another listen, take another look…once more, with feeling.

Your visitors will thank you. 

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